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Registration is now open! Select a venue below to get started.Team Registration Fee: US: $170 per team ($85 per player) | UK: £120 per team (£60 per player). Full team payment is required at time of registration. LeagueApps/Eventbrite processing fees apply.

Topgolf Location Date
Edison, NJ July 29, 8AM
Denver, CO July 30, 6PM
Washington, DC Aug 5, 8AM
Chicago, IL Aug 6, 6PM
Indianapolis, IN Aug 6, 6PM
Kansas City, KS Aug 11, 8AM
Salt Lake City, UT Aug 11, 8AM
Topgolf Location Date
Nashville, TN Aug 19, 8AM
Sacramento, CA Aug 19, 8AM
Atlanta, GA Aug 25, 8AM
Miami Gardens, FL Aug 26, 6PM
Portland, OR Aug 26, 8AM
Jacksonville, FL Sept 8, 8AM
Charlotte, NC Sept 8, 8AM
Houston, TX Sept 9, 8AM
Topgolf Location Date
Birmingham, AL Sept 15, 8AM
Fort Worth, TX Sept 16, 8AM
Orlando, FL Sept 16, 6PM
London, UK Sept 18, 6PM
Phoenix, AZ Sept 23, 6PM
Austin, TX Sept 23, 6PM
Las Vegas, NV Nov 2, 3PM

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