Military Division

The highest-scoring military team in Round 1 across all Regional Tournaments (excluding Las Vegas, the UK, and Australia) will earn a spot at the Topgolf Tour Championship to compete for the glory of best Topgolf team and $50,000.

Rank Player Venue Total
1 Painter/Withrow Orlando 596
2 Call/Hollis Austin 274

Results for the 2019 Topgolf Tour

Topgolf Location Competition
Austin, TX Results
Orlando, FL Results
Dallas, TX Results
Kansas City, KS Results
UK (Chigwell) Results
Jacksonville, FL Results
Topgolf Location Competition
Scottsdale, AZ Results
Sacramento, CA Results
St. Louis, MO Results
Philadelphia, PA Results
Pittsburgh, PA Results
Charlotte, NC Results
AUS (Gold Coast) July 18, 4:30PM
Topgolf Location Competition
Washington, D.C. Results
Atlanta, GA Results
Nashville, TN Results
Denver, CO Results
Indianapolis, IN Results
Las Vegas, NV Results

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