Military Division

The highest-scoring military team in Round 1 across all Regional Tournaments (excluding Las Vegas and the UK) will earn a spot at the Topgolf Tour Championship to compete for the glory of best Topgolf team and $50,000.

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Rank Player Venue Total
1 Loesel/Sallitore Sacramento 533
2 Reid/Kelly Washington DC 510
3 Ryan/Hyatt Charlotte 483
4 Kubik/Apperson Jacksonville 476
5 Kubik/Apperson Atlanta 458
6 Castillo/Betschart Sacramento 456
7 Harris/Beymer Kansas City 431
8 Prince/Melcher Washington DC 430
9 Bresnahan/Gafney Washington DC 428
10 Petry/Smith Denver 403
11 Casella/McMaster Houston 369
12 Tinsley/Rodriguez Kansas City 352
13 Reynolds/Hedges Atlanta 317
14 Van Loan/Keck Sacramento 313
15 Champagne/Cleveland Jacksonville 283
16 Granger/Peters Jacksonville 281
17 Gerg/Nelson Portland 280
18 Oberg/Pearson Indianapolis 270
19 Sankey/Fleener Miami 232
20 Thiele/Chamberlain Washington DC 185

2018 Topgolf Tour Schedule & Results

Registration open until 48 hours prior to competitionTeam Registration Fee: US: $170 per team ($85 per player) | UK: £120 per team (£60 per player). Full team payment is required at time of registration. LeagueApps/Eventbrite processing fees apply.

Topgolf Location Competition
Edison, NJ Results
Denver, CO Results
Washington, DC Results
Chicago, IL Results
Indianapolis, IN Results
Kansas City, KS Results
Salt Lake City, UT Results
Topgolf Location Competition
Nashville, TN Results
Sacramento, CA Results
Atlanta, GA Results
Miami Gardens, FL Results
Portland, OR Results
Jacksonville, FL Results
Charlotte, NC Results
Houston, TX Results
Topgolf Location Competition
Birmingham, AL Results
Fort Worth, TX Results
Orlando, FL Results
London, UK Sept 18, 6PM
Phoenix, AZ Sept 23, 6PM
Austin, TX Sept 23, 6PM
Las Vegas, NV Nov 2, 3PM
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