The Countdown to the 2017 Topgolf Tour Championship Has Begun


The 2017 Topgolf Tour is complete.

Thank you to all the great teams from around the USA and UK, and everyone who supported and cheered them on!

How will the nation's greatest Topgolf Team be determined? Here's the full rundown of the Championship format.


Friday, October 13

Saturday, October 14

Sunday, October 15


Only the 20 teams of Regional Tournament Champions will be eligible to enter the Topgolf Tour Championship.


Sunday, October 15
All games will be played in two-person alternate shot format.

ROUND 1: Stroke Play, accumulative score - All 20 teams will play one game of TopGolf and one game TopContender Elite. Top 8 scoring teams advance to Round 2, Match Play Quarterfinals, and seeded 1 through 8 based on total points scored.

ROUND 2: Match Play Quarterfinals, single elimination - 8 teams who advance from Round 1 Stroke Play: playing one game TopContender Elite.

ROUND 3: Match Play Semifinals, single elimination - 4 teams who advance from Quarterfinals; playing one game of TopContender Elite.

ROUND 4: Final Match, Match Play - best of 3 games, playing TopContender Elite, TopPressure Green, TopPressure Green.


$50,000 cash prize for the Tour Champions*
*Those who choose to retain amateur status will not be eligible for the cash prize. More information about status can be found on our FAQ page.


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By competing in the Topgolf Tour, you not only give yourself a chance to become a Topgolf hero but also help make wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Topgolf will donate $5 from every player registration fee to Make-A-Wish®. Upon registration, Tour players will have the opportunity to purchase a co-branded hat or ball marker. $5 from each hat and $1 from each ball marker goes to benefit Make-A-Wish. Topgolf has guaranteed an annual minimum donation of $250,000.